Ghost chain Tezos

Ghost chain Tezos

There was this hearsay that Tezos blockchain is a ghostchain...

The best way to see the current Tezos ecosystem usage is to check for yourself.

Watch Tezos transactions, smart contract calls and other operations live as they happen on Example of Tezos activity in just a few seconds:

If you want to try something visually more intriguing, go see how many NFTs are purchased on Tezos hicetnunc every couple of seconds with (with thumbnails!).

Or check, where you can see NFT transactions from all the Tezos platforms together. Example of the NFT action happening on Tezos every moment:

If you want to see more statistics for the whole network, use With the current tempo, Tezos will reach 5 million smart contract calls in September already.

No more ghostchain nonsense!

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