Public giveaway on the blockchain, Kukai & DirectAuth

Have you ever wanted to send something over blockchain, but the receiver did not want to undergo the hassle of setting up their wallet properly?

We are running our first public giveaway right now and in this post, we will explain how we will send the prizes directly to the Twitter accounts of the winners, even if they never used crypto before.

In the highly evolved Tezos ecosystem this task is very simple. The only tool needed is the Kukai wallet. With their implementation of DirectAuth, we can send a transaction directly to any Twitter handle (Google and Reddit accounts are also supported).

After sending the transaction it's time to notify the receivers. They can then log in the wallet associated with their handle with one click.

No new passwords, no fuss with the seed words - ideal way to introduce newcomers to the blockchain.

Keys are generated using distributed key generation and tied to an OAuth login. The only way to access your private keys are through your OAuth provider. Therefore, make sure to keep your account safe with a strong password and look over your recovery options. For Google accounts you can also enable 2FA for an extra layer of security for your wallet.

We recommend turning on two-factor authentication on the account you are using for additional security. For handling substantial amounts, you should however use a wallet with the seed words securely stored in a hardware wallet or on paper.

Overall the DirectAuth is a lifesaver for onboarding and makes outreach a breeze for any Tezos project. Amazing work from the Kukai team.