SEXP Hype Referral Program Explained

Today, we present our plan for the SEXP Hype Referral Program.

SEXP Hype Referral Program Explained

The goal of the program is to help spread the word about the SEXP project and reward our most active supporters. The program is going to be available before and throughout the public sale of the SEXP token. Compared to traditional advertising, referral programs let us measure the outcomes more effectively and the incentive alignment is better. Centralized exchanges like Binance have been using referrals to grow their platform with great results. The main feature of the SEXP Hype Referral Program is that both the ambassador and the new contributor get rewarded.

Public Sale Details‌

The SEXP public sale is structured similarly to the SEXP presale. Contributions will be accepted in XTZ on Tezos and in stablecoins on other chains. The dollar value of XTZ at the time of contribution is used to determine the value of the contribution. The token allocation for the presale & public sale is going to be distributed among the contributors after the sale is over. Everyone gets the same price & presale contributors get an APR bonus for being early. This allows us to distribute the SEXP token fairly among everyone and curbs short term speculation.

What's different compared to the presale is that the public sale will have a referral program. Contributions will be sent to a smart contract that records who referred other contributors and lets us reward the contributors that promote the SEXP project within their circles.

Get Hyped

Anyone can become an ambassador and generate a referral link that they can use when promoting the SEXP project and the SEXP token public sale. When someone contributes to the public sale using a referral link, both the contributor and the ambassador get more SEXP tokens. How much more? The bonus is a percentage of the contributed amount. The more you contribute as an ambassador, the better bonus is unlocked for you and the people you refer.

Hype Bonus Tiers

The basic Hype Bonus is 1% and is unlocked for ambassadors that are just starting out and contributed at least 100 USD. The medium Hype Bonus 2.5% is unlocked for ambassadors who contribute 2 000 USD or more and the maximum Hype Bonus 5% is unlocked for staunch supporters of SEXP who contribute at least 10 000 USD.

Here's a handy table showing the different Hype Bonus tiers.

Hype Bonus Tier Contribution to Unlock Bonus Percentage
Basic Hype Bonus 100 USD 1.0%
Medium Hype Bonus 2 000 USD 2.5%
Maximum Hype Bonus 10 000 USD 5.0%

The same Hype Bonus percentage applies to both the ambassador and the referred contributor and is based on the contribution volume of the ambassador. In other words, if you contribute 10 000 USD, everyone that contributes through your link gets 5% extra, and on top of that you get 5% of what they contribute as well.


Some of the questions that might come up are answered here.

Q: Is the Hype Bonus available for contributions on all chains, or only on Tezos?
A: We are working on making it available for all chains.

Q: What happens when people contribute through my link, and I reach a new Hype Bonus tier after that?
A: Calculations are done at the end of the sale, so everyone gets the higher bonus, even if you reached the higher Hype Bonus tier later.

Q: Can I get the Hype Bonus even if I didn't contribute anything yet?
A: The Hype Bonus is available for those who contribute at least 100 USD as of the end of the public sale. So you can hype up your friends and unlock a Hype Bonus tier later as the public sale progresses.

Q: Does my presale contribution count towards unlocking the bonus tiers?
A: Yes! Your contribution including the presale APR bonus is counted and unlocks Hype Bonus tiers.

Q: Where does the Hype Bonus come from?
A: The Hype Bonus is going to be distributed as SEXP tokens at the same time as tokens from public sale and presale. The tokens for the Hype Bonus come from the marketing allocation.

Q: Are there any supporting materials to help ambassadors promote SEXP?
A: We are working on an ambassador starter kit.

Q: I like creating memes or other SEXP themed content, is there going to be some activity for me too?
A: We hope to see our community come up with some fun original memes and will reward the creators on a case by case basis.

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