SEXP token is live

SEXP token is live

The Synthetic Exchange Project token is live now. The SEXP token purpose is to back the synthetic assets on the upcoming SEXP Synth Swap - subscribe to this blog, follow us, and join our Telegram to learn more about synthetics before the mainnet launch.

The SEXP token address is KT1Kyc366SrSJ1camxByr363F9WAiHAaReMv (FA2 standard, token ID 0).

Participants in the public sale received 160934.0771 SEXP tokens per 1 USD. Participants in the May presale received 298499.6444 SEXP tokens per 1 USD. That makes the fully diluted market capitalization $6.2m.

To see the current approximate USD value of SEXP available on Quipu you can use the preview of a conversion from a USD token (for example USDtz/SEXP; 0.6% fee is included in the calculation). Remember the SEXP pool is small in the beginning (the quoted price for 1 XTZ doesn't hold when you try to trade 100).

The SEXP liquidity pool is growing organically. In the beginning, the price will fluctuate a lot with each small trade. As the pool grows bigger it will be able to absorb larger orders with smaller price swings.

You can see all trades in the pool on the blockchain. If you want to get notifications on each transaction, you can turn them on via the Telegram Notifier ring button on TzKT.

A detailed guide on liquidity providing, its benefits and risks will follow.