Try new Synth Swap DEX

Synth Swap is a decentralized exchange for trading everything (crypto, stocks...) with no slippage and high liquidity on the efficient proof-of-stake Tezos blockchain built by SEXP.

SEXP Synth Swap

Come try trading on our new SEXP Synthetic Swap decentralized exchange!

Connect a Tezos wallet to

If you don't have a Tezos wallet yet, we recommend the Temple wallet for a newcomer.

Confirm connecting to SEXP Synth Swap dApp on Testnet in your wallet.

Then a Twitter button appears. Click on it to open a new tab with the compose tweet window.

After tweeting the message our bot gives you test funds to your address so you can begin to experiment with Synth Swap.

You can trade all pairs that are provided by the Harbinger oracle for now.

Finally, follow these steps to display the Synths (sUSD, sBTC, etc.) in your Temple wallet.

If you are on mobile or want just a quick peek, watch this video of Synth Swap in action instead:

How do you like the Synth Swap experience? Tell us any feedback in our Telegram or Twitter.

SEXP token Public Sale will be open from Sunday October 17th to Sunday October 31st:

SEXP Public Sale • Oct 17 – Oct 31 • Synthetic Assets DEX
Public Sale open October 17th – October 31st. SEXP is a decentralized exchange for synthetic assets. Working product, no VCs.