SEXP artist of the day - second week

The artist of the day on Tezos shoutouts SEXP is doing daily collected in one gallery.

SEXP artist of the day - second week

In the second week of SEXP artist of the day initiative, we featured some highly innovative interactive NFT creators. Enjoy the gallery:

SEXP artist 08: play

SEXP artist 09: Andrew Brereton

SEXP artist 10: loackme

SEXP artist 11: James Clapham. One figurative piece to offset the abstractions.

SEXP artist 12: Murat Atimtay

SEXP artist 13: Shvembldr

SEXP artist 14: Yazid

We want to thank all artists featured for their amazing art. Be sure to check their profiles and other works!

For even more art see the previous week of featured Tezos artists.