SEXPedition NFT

SEXPedition NFT

Synthetic Exchange Project is launching a new promotion series. We will collaborate with different artists to create various NFTs that we will give to our SEXP community. The first SEXPedition NFT will be dropped to all presale participants. It is this interactive piece by spectrolize:

Presale participants who used Tezos received this NFT to their wallets already. Presale participants who used other blockchains will receive the NFT later to the same tz addresses as SEXP tokens.

There will be more SEXPedition NFTs in the future, stay tuned and follow.

Meanwhile, come try our new Synthetic Swap DEX on Tezos for free on testnet:

Try new Synth Swap DEX
Synth Swap is a decentralized exchange for trading everything (crypto, stocks...) with no slippage and high liquidity on the efficient proof-of-stake Tezos blockchain built by SEXP.

The SEXP token sale will be open from Sunday October 17th to Sunday October 31st.

SEXP Public Sale • Oct 17 – Oct 31 • Synthetic Assets DEX
Public Sale open October 17th – October 31st. SEXP is a decentralized exchange for synthetic assets. Working product, no VCs.

Connect your wallet in advance and pair your referrals:

SEXP Public Sale Guide
The Synthetic Exchange Project Public Sale portal is live: You can generate your ambassador link there, track your contributions and earnings from followers. If you plan to contribute with USDT or ADA, you can pair your addresses in advance. You are going to receive your SEXP tok…

Join SEXP Telegram if you want to learn more.