SEXP Engineering Team Grows

Alex has joined our team to help build our apps. They are an experienced front-end developer with functional programming experience. We sat down with Alex for a brief chat.

SEXP Engineering Team Grows

SEXP: Tell us a bit about your programming experience.
Alex: I have been programming for a while now. I have worked mostly on React based front-ends and with Rust on the back-end.

SEXP: How did you get into Tezos? What do you like about it?
Alex: I heard about Tezos in 2018 and liked that they used functional programming languages like OCaml and the focus on quality of execution and incremental improvements.

SEXP: What's your favorite language?
Alex: Most of the time, I use JS to build front-ends but I actually like Rust the most. The type system in Rust is very powerful and after JS it's very refreshing to use a well-designed compiled language.

SEXP: What do you think about the future of Tezos?
Alex: I like that the Tezos community is very supportive, and different teams help each other out all the time. The integrations and tools like Better Call Dev are super useful and make development much more convenient. I can't wait to see what everyone builds!