SEXP Public Sale Referral dApp

SEXP Public Sale Referral dApp

How does the SEXP referral program work? Transparently and on the blockchain.

Both the ambassador and the new contributor get rewarded.

Everyone participating in the public sale can both accept a bonus from an ambassador and create their own referral to be an ambassador for others!

The bonus is a percentage of the contributed amount. The more you contribute as an ambassador the better percentual bonus is unlocked for you and the people you refer.

Hype Bonus Tier Contribution to Unlock Bonus Percentage
Basic Hype Bonus 100 USD 1.0%
Medium Hype Bonus 2 000 USD 2.5%
Maximum Hype Bonus 10 000 USD 5.0%

In other words, if an ambassador contributes 10 000 USD, everyone that contributes through his link gets 5% extra, and he will also get the same amount.

The bonuses are counted at the end of the sale - ambassadors can add to their contribution any time during the sale to unlock a better Hype Bonus Tier. For example, if you see that people are using your referral a lot, you can raise both theirs and your bonus by contributing more.

Don't worry if your referral shows zero now, before the start of the SEXP sale - only presale participants have unlocked the Bonus Tiers so far. Once the sale is open, anyone can unlock their Hype Bonus Tier.

Referral dApp

The ambassador link has a format of "" followed by each ambassador's tz address.

When you click on such referral link, site opens with an ambassador bonus dialogue. If you don't have a Tezos wallet yet, we recommend Temple.

After connecting the Tezos wallet you plan to use in the SEXP Public Sale, click on Accept to get the bonus from the ambassador:

Sign the message to confirm accepting the referral bonus.

After that, you can check your current bonus status in the I plan to contribute interface.

Yes, you can also switch ambassadors later if you want.

Don't forget that every ambassador can also contribute more later during the sale to raise your and their bonus.

More FAQ about the SEXP Hyper Referral Program are in the original announcement:

SEXP Hype Referral Program Explained
Today, we present our plan for the SEXP Hype Referral Program.

SEXP token Public Sale will be open from Sunday October 17th to Sunday October 31st. Join SEXP Telegram for details.

SEXP Public Sale • Oct 17 – Oct 31 • Synthetic Assets DEX
Public Sale open October 17th – October 31st. SEXP is a decentralized exchange for synthetic assets. Working product, no VCs.

Check the guide for connecting to the Public Sale portal in advance:

SEXP Public Sale Portal
The Synthetic Exchange Project Public Sale portal is live: You can generate your ambassador link there, track your contributions and earnings from followers. If you plan to contribute with USDT or ADA, you can pair your addresses in advance. You are going to receive your SEXP tok…